Keanu Now Acting Badly At 9.08 Gbps

Researchers  led by the University of Tokyo have broken the  speed record for data transmission  using standard communication protocols.The new record,  9.08 gigabits per second, will probably stand until someone comes up with a new protocol for data transmission. Don't worry, they're working on it.

That likely represents the current network's final record because rules require a 10 percent improvement for recognition, a percentage that would bring the next record right at the Internet2's current theoretical limit of 10 Gbps.

However, the Internet2 consortium is planning to build a new network with a capacity of 100 Gbps. With the 10-fold increase, a high-quality version of the movie "The Matrix" could be sent in a few seconds rather than half a minute over the current Internet2 and two days over a typical home broadband line.

It is customary for the research to be tested by using a copy of The Matrix as the data to be sent. Waiting for Keanu to remember his lines while wearing sunglasses, 9.08  gigabits per second at a  time.
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