Kaspersky’s Safe Browser Comes To Windows Phone Users

Kaspersky released its Safe Browser for Windows Phone, months after putting out the same product for iOS and days after making a similar one for Android. The app does exactly what you think it does, by blocking access to potentially dangerous sites with a warning page to protect against phishing attacks.

Designed for both personal and corporate use, Kaspersky Safe Browser also allows users (read: IT admins) to select certain app settings to make sure the device is in line with the company’s security requirements.

Nokia Lumia 925

It’s good to see more security measures for mobile devices. Too many users have this psychological block where they know that Windows PCs have security issues and therefore are careful, but they don’t think the same way about any other platform. Every platform--Mac OS X, mobile devices, and smart devices connected to the Internet, too--is potentially full of security holes, mostly because of trickable humans that can be phished.

An ounce of prevention, as they say.