JPD GPU Market Share Numbers

Jon Peddie Research (JPD) has just released their market share numbers for Q4, 2005. Overall, the results were not too suprising given ATI's widely publicized struggle to get product into the channel. Here, NVIDIA capitalized on the situation and managed to gather 52% of the discrete desktop market. Fortunately for ATI, their popular IGP products helped keep their overall market share in total desktop graphics (discrete and IGP) slightly ahead of NVIDIA with 24% of the market.

Jon Peddie Research (JPR) on February 1 announced estimated graphics shipments and supplier market share for the fourth calendar quarter of 2005 and the total year. With a winning streak fueled by good products and ATI Technologies' manufacturing problems, Nvidia soared ahead in the fourth quarter to grab 52% of the discrete desktop market. In the integrated space, VIA Technologies leapt ahead 50% to pick up 24% of the market, while Intel slid from 61% to 50% in the period.