Jolla to Unveil MeeGo-Driven Sailfish OS on November 21-22

Get ready to make room for one more mobile OS; Finland’s Jolla announced that it will unveil its Sailfish OS on November 21-22 at the Slush conference in Helsinki. Don’t expect much in the way of hardware, mind you, but the company will show off the UI and talk shop about the SDK and application ecosystem.

The company is indeed making hardware, too, and more information on that will be available later this year, along with important details such as a launch date; it looks for now that spring 2013 is the target date.

Nokia MeeGo

So where did this Sailfish OS come from? It’s based in part on MeeGo, the promising mobile OS that Nokia ditched when it went all in on Windows Phone. In fact, there are reportedly key members of the MeeGo team working for Jolla.

It’s nice to see that a passionate few have resurrected MeeGo, just as HP brought webOS back to life. It must be a good year to be a (formerly) cast-off mobile operating system.