Watch Jetson ONE, A Personal Electric Quad-Copter That Lets Anyone Take To The Friendly Skies

Jetson One Quad-Copter
We all know the joke: "by the year 2020 we'll have flying cars!". Instead, we got everything but. The Swedish company Jetson, a fitting name, decided the time for personal aerial vehicles is now (2021). Jetson finished its proof of concept all the way back in the spring of 2018 and has been working diligently to make that design deliverable to consumers, and boy has it delivered. This is the Jetson One, a personal electric aerial vehicle, and and we are here for it. 

It doesn't matter your walk of life—most of us are fascinated by flight, and the idea of having what is essentially a massive pilotable drone at our disposal is nothing short of exciting. The Jetson One is a remarkable feat from performance to safety features; after all, safety is kind of a thing when you're flying the friendly skies.

You, as the pilot, are cradled in a race-car inspired roll cage-style cockpit with maximum visibility allowed in every direction. There are hover and emergency land functions, reminiscent of flying a consumer drone like the DJI Mavic line. Sensors abound for obstacle collision avoidance, so you can still fly safely if you lose one motor, and you can rest assured that there's a ballistic parachute on board if all else fails. 

What's really impressive to us are the tech specs. This beast of a personal quad-copter only weighs in at 190lbs, but you're going to have to be under 210lbs yourself in order to pilot this bad boy. The top speed is software limited to 102 kilometers per hour (or 63 miles per hour to those of us who use freedom units).

You'll take control of the Jetson One through the use of a 3-axis joystick and a throttle lever, so it'll feel more like flying a jet than normal consumer drones, which we find amazingly cool. The battery is a high discharge lithium ion, and when paired with the software speed cap and power output of 88 kilowatts the 20 minute flight time may seem short, but trust us, it isn't.

The Jeston One is currently available for order at a price point of $92,000 and will arrive to you at about the 50 percent assembled point. So yeah, it's expensive and you'll have to finish putting it together yourself. Seems odd at first but you should have some enjoyment out of finishing the build, we suppose. And hey, telling your friends you built it sounds way more awesome.

If you want one you'll have to put down a $22,000 security deposit to reserve your order, and don't expect it anytime soon. All of the 2022 production slots are taken up and with only three slots remaining for delivery in 2023.