Leftover Prime Day Deals On JBL Speakers Up To 34% Off Are Music To Our Ears

jbl prime day left over deals on speakers up to 34 percent off
With Prime Day now gone, there are still a few left-over deals that net you savings on things to have around the house, such as speakers to blast some tunes. Whether you are doing some work, cleaning up, cooking, or anything else, having music in the background will make it go faster no matter what, and hopefully, JBL has you covered.

Starting off light and low cost, we have the JBL Go 3, a pint-size tune pumper, at $32.95 or 34% off the regular price. This speaker claims to have big audio and punchy bass despite its “ultra-compact size” and is IP67 waterproof and dustproof, meaning it can go anywhere you do. However, this little guy only has 5 hours of playtime on a single charge, so you may only get a partial beach trip out of it before it keels over and needs to be recharged.

charge5 jbl prime day left over deals on speakers up to 34 percent off

Stepping up a notch, we have the JBL Charge 5, a bigger and beefier Bluetooth speaker coming in at $129.95 or 28% off the regular price. There is another speaker in between the Go and the Charge, but the Charge is the better deal as it stands and has better specs. Of course, this is an IP67-rated speaker that can deliver up to 20 hours of playtime, which should be more than enough for any day trip before you must rest and recharge as well. This speaker also has a built-in power bank, allowing you to charge your own devices so the music doesn’t stop before it is supposed to.

xtreme3 jbl prime day left over deals on speakers up to 34 percent off

Following that up, we have the Charge’s bigger sibling, the JBL Xtreme 3, a $279.95 speaker, which is 26% off the regular price. The Xtreme compares to the Charge 5 in most cases but has a slightly larger frequency range and has a 100W output power compared to the Charge’s 40W. Given this power uptick, it comes as no surprise that the Xtreme 3 also takes a hit to battery life, but not by much, down to 15 hours of total playtime.

partybox jbl prime day left over deals on speakers up to 34 percent off

If you want to go big, the JBL PartyBox On-The-Go at $229.95 or 34% off is the play. This box expands the frequency range from the Xtreme 3, includes a microphone, and has up to 6 hours of battery life. While the battery isn’t the most impressive, this box should last a good chunk of whatever party you bring it to or through the parade blasting tunes.

bar500 jbl prime day left over deals on speakers up to 34 percent off

Finally, JBL also has some home speakers on sale, such as the JBL Bar 500 at $399.95 or 33% off the regular price. This is a 5.1 surround sound kit featuring Dolby Atmos and MultiBeam Surround Sound, the latter of which allows you to “extraordinary sound effects from everywhere in the room, without the need for extra surround speakers.” Besides the central soundbar, you also get a 10” subwoofer, which brings the total system output power to a beefy 590 watts.

Whether you are looking for audio on the go or something to amplify your home audio setup, JBL has some deals you can still snag to get you there. However, these deals are not likely to last much longer, so grab them while you can, and let us know what you think of JBL’s speakers in the comments below.