Jasper AI Is A ChatGPT Alternative With No Waitlist And A Chrome Extension

jasper robot

The large language model (LLM) ChatGPT it making news everywhere lately. It has caused some concern for apparently being "too smart," and its addition in the latest Bing beta ha geenrated some interesting results, to say the least. ChatGPT can be a handy tool, but it currently has some significant limits, such as having too many simultaneous users overburdening its servers or the all too common "Too Many Requests" error. But there are alternatives, like Jasper AI.

Jasper is partnered with OpenAI and also used the GPT-3.5 model. The Jasper AI service not only provides faster results, but at this time it also readily available for use, unlike ChatGPT. Jasper AI doesn't have a waitlist like Bing's chatbot, either. Not only that, it offers a Chrome extension as well. All of these advantages come partially thanks to the fact that it has had a subscription model from the start.

Using Jasper For Writing

Starting at $60 per month, Jasper might be a tough sell, but the model is specifically targeted to business use. The company points out that over 100,000 businesses worldwide, including IBM, Google, Zoom, and Airbnb, have used its service. While ChatGPT has recently launched a "Plus" tier at $20 per month, which is a more enticing pricing plan, Jasper utilizes current data, meaning that it will provide more up-to-date information. You can even find very highly rated reviews on trusted websites such as G2.

Chat-based output isn't the only thing Jasper can do either. It supports that in more than 29 languages and art generation, with integration and a subscription to Grammarly Basic, the aforementioned browser extension, and customer support. The full feature list is available on its pricing page. It's also worth noting that with an annual subscription you can get 17% off the cost.

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A Robotic Representation: Jasper AI

We are clearly in the beginning stages of AI-generated content, across many digital mediums. AI rapid emergence has created some worry and angst amongst regulators, with the US Copyright Office already stepping in to decree that AI artwork cannot be copywritten. That said, the tools can still be highly useful in many creative organizations. For example, a studio might be able to AI to generate concept art for a project, or even ask it for help with a challenging coding issue. In many cases, the AI may infer incorrect information, but it's usually close and often faster than sifting through Stack Overflow manually.