JAHT 5 Port Gigabit Switch, 64 bits for desktop PCs, and more!

Good evening folks. I recently found that, Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, allows you to edit the visual properties of the water through the INI file. I spent the better part of last night trying different settings in order to try and make it look more realistic. The result as of now? Well, I don't know if it looks more realistic, just different. I'll be making a few more tweaks later tonight, and will probably post my final result tomorrow. If your interested, check out the PC Gaming section in our forums tomorrow night. Anyway, here's the news... Enjoy!

I-Rocks Beetle Mouse @ HardwareHounds.com

"There are hundreds of different styles of mice on the market today that do a hundred different things. The big question is: what do you need your mouse to do for you? Today, we are taking a look at I-rocks' Beetle mouse. A nice solid mouse that performs very well, without a lot of fancy add-ons."

BenQ M310 Wireless Mini Optical Mouse @ hardwarezone

"On the road again? You might want to take a look at BenQ's latest mouse tailor-made for notebook users. The M310 works like a charm and even comes with versatile colors and themes, ideal for the chic executive or the high-tech student."

JAHT 5 Port Gigabit SOHO Switch @ Techniz

"The JAHT Gigabit Switch is really a good product with excellent performance. If you do a lot of file transfers between the computers on your LAN, you might want to consider investing in a Gigabit switch now that the price has come down to a reasonable level. One thing you will need to take into consideration, is that you must have at least Cat5e or better network cabling, regular Cat5 cable is not rated beyond 100Mbps."

64 bits for desktop PCs @ OC-Service.com

"It is the fact that Advanced Micro Devices, which is also known as AMD introduced 64 bit technology processors that was previously only used with servers. Thanks to this, AMD became the winner of the best desktop Pcs processors competition. Few days later, Intel introduced the new version of P4 called Extreme Edition but it did not take the AMD's place. Not so long ago, Intel reviewed its processors production policy of increasing the frequency to gain better performance..."

The Bose QuietComfort 2 @ Designtechnica

"The Bose QuietComfort 2 headphones are among the few that use active noise reduction technology to eliminate background noise electronically. While they have all the makings of a top contender in this category, the sound reproduction left much to be desired. Still, with the intended audience being a 30 year old crowd who travel frequently, and those that have a hard time finding a quiet space, the QuietComfort 2's are a great option. The key to these cans lies in the user's lifestyle."