Jackson Armor Card, MSI K8N SLI, and more!

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Mushkin: Now is the Time for Change @ Bytesector

"Mushkin has decided that change is good and that now is the time for change. There are always minor changes with each style of memory. Mushkin's choice to change all this is a wise one, but it has more purpose than just aesthetics. Their new heatspreaders offer 58% more surface area coverage over their old design. Let's see this bad boy and you can judge for yourself whether you want this in your system."

Four CPU Coolers from Thermaltake Tested @ X-Bit labs

Today we are going to witness a breath-taking race among four processor air coolers from Thermaltake Company. The real air-cooling monsters – Big Typhoon, Silent Tower, PIPE101 Rev.2 and Sonic Tower - will compete for the title of the best CPU cooler from this manufacturer for the today's most advanced processors. Let's find out who the winner is.

MSI K8N SLI (NVIDIA nForce4 SLI) @ Hardware Zone

"The MSI K8N SLI is a new breed of budget nForce4 SLI motherboards that is freeing up the high-end spot to the soon to be released nForce4 SLI X16 chipset. Expect SLI goodness in a new no-frills package for the price of an nForce4 Ultra."

Akasa Powerplus PSU @ Techniz

"The Akasa Powerplus 550W and 650W PSU is a very good looking and powerful PSU. The performance of the Akasa Powerplus 550W and 650W PSU is very great and stable as you can refer back to the testing and performance section. The operation noise level was very silent as well."

Jackson Armor Card @ HardwareHounds

"It acts as a recovery system for your operating system which is hardware based. So, no matter what damage is done (including an accidental formatting of the hard drive), a simple reboot will return the computer to full functioning status."

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