Jack Thompson Bullying the Bully

Jack Thompson has become a bit of a celebrity with his crusade against the evils of video games. Along the way he's managed to start fights with Janet Reno, the Florida Bar Association, and of course, Rockstar Entertainment. With no new Grand Theft Auto games hitting the market at the moment, Mr. Thompson has turned his attention towards Rockstar's latest game, Bully. bit-tech.net has the latest scoop on Mr. Thompson's attempt at keeping the game from making its October 1st release date.

"Take-Two has until five o'clock p.m., Eastern time, Monday, August 14, 2006, to inform me in writing that it will forthwith provide me with a copy of Bully so that I and others can analyze it to determine whether it still poses a threat of copycat violence in our schools (See Miami-Dade School Board's unanimous Resolution), or the following will occur: I shall file a lawsuit against your respective companies to stop the game's October 1 release."
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