I've Got $130. Let's Go Virtual Places and Kill Imaginary Things

Astute HotHardware readers may remember our prediction for the biggest selling video game console for the Christmas season. Well, the numbers are in for December of 2006, and we weren't disappointed. It wasn't the Wii, X-Box 360, or the Playstation 3. It was the Playstation 2:

The PS2's popularity makes sense if you run the numbers. Along with being $470 cheaper than the PS3, PS2 games can be found for $10 or $20, while most new PlayStation3 games go for $60. That's a steal, considering that the library of great games available for the PS2 could keep a kid occupied until the PlayStation 8 is released circa 2030. According to the review aggregator site Metacritic, there are no PlayStation 3 games that merit a grade of A, and only a dozen or so that score a B- or better. But there are more than 60 PlayStation 2 games that score an A, and more than 300 that score a B or better.
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