It's Not Half-Life 3, But Valve Will Display SteamVR Hardware Next Week At GDC

Valve has a slew of products it's planning to showcase at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, California, next week. Among the items it will bring to GDC is a previously unannounced SteamVR hardware system, presumably one that's not part of the Oculus Rift ecosystem, which at one point could have been a possibility.

The two companies had a pretty tight relationship a year ago when Valve developed a virtual reality prototype that, at the time, was intended for VR research that it would share with Oculus. Minus a minor announcement here and there, it doesn't appear the two are doing a lot of work together these days, and instead are mostly entrenched in their own projects.


Naturally Valve isn't sharing any details about its SteamVR hardware ahead of GDC, though it is "actively seeking VR content creators," along with developers and publishers who want to give its SteamVR dev kit a spin. Space is limited, and given the hype that surrounds anything Valve touches, we don't imagine it will have any trouble filling up its available slots.

In addition to SteamVR, Valve will also demonstrate some long awaited Steam Machines with a final version (read: not prototype) of its Steam Controller, plus some "new living room devices." What kind of devices? Valve didn't say, though it did reveal some stats, such as that Steam is now home to 4,500 games with 400 million pieces of user-generated content.

Stay tuned -- we'll have more once GDC gets rolling next week.