Is The Zune A Turd Because It Looks Like One?

I'm not sure Microsoft can give away Zunes at this point. They might actually have to pay you to take them. Could the problem be as simple as the nasty brown color they sport?

Analysts for the Enderle Group Rob Enderle said the player's color could be hurting sales. "Microsoft came to the conclusion after market research that the new hot color is brown," Enderle said. "No other hardware company has come to that conclusion." According to merchants NBC11 spoke to, shoppers are virtually ignoring the Zune. Anemic early sales indicate the Zune could be falling short in the hip factor, Budman reported. "They want it to be small. They want it to be sexy," Enderle said.

I've heard nasty rumors about websites that feature small, sexy turds on them. No thanks. Maybe I'll go to the mall, and see one in the Zune case instead.

Read the article. There's a video and a survey too, if your boss is out today.

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