Is QBert Better Than Halo2?

Chris Suellentrop examines gameplay habits on the powerful Xbox 360, and determines many people use high-powered consoles for low-powered, last generation fun.

Most casual gamers don't even realize they're gamers. The demographic includes the secretary who plays computer mahjong during her lunch break, the lawyer who zones out with Minesweeper at the end of her long day, and the grandfather who bought a $20 Pac-Man joystick to plug into his TV. These gamers probably don't know it, but the high-horsepower Xbox 360 is filled with mesmerizing, low-fi delights. The Xbox Live Arcade, a branch of the console's superlative online service, includes card games like UNO and Hold 'Em as well as a host of arcade classics like Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, Joust, Dig Dug, and - an idiosyncratic personal favorite - Root Beer Tapper. (Minesweeper and mahjong are not included.)
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