Is Netflix Planning A PlayStation Tie-In With Its Rumored Game Streaming Service?

netflix gaming
Earlier this week, we learned that Netflix is planning to take on Microsoft xCloud, Amazon Luna, and Google Stadia with a game streaming service of its own. According to a credible report, Netflix plans to launch the service in 2022, and it would be available at no additional cost to subscribers (although last tidbit sounds a little hard to believe).

Netflix added veteran gaming exec Mike Verdu from Electronic Art to its roster to advance its game streaming efforts. Today, we’re learning more about the service, thanks to some incredible datamining by Steve Moser. Moser dug into the source code for the Netflix app and found some clues for the upcoming gaming service, including artwork for Sony’s DualSense wireless controllers. Also located within the app was artwork for Ghost of the Tsushima, which is a PlayStation exclusive game, for now.

Perhaps most importantly, a logo was found which simply says “N Game” with the red N stylized like the current Netflix logo. Is this the name of Netflix’s upcoming service? Your guess is as good as ours, but all signs point to yes at this point.

Sony has long been rumored to launch a streaming service [with current-generation games] to compete with Microsoft, and this just might be it. Perhaps Sony didn’t have the stomach to go it alone, but a partnership with Netflix likely made the prospects more palatable for the Japanese gaming giant. The fact that the DualSense controllers were included in this data dump also makes sense as a way to control first-party Sony games that would likely be available on the service.

All of this is mere speculation on our part at this point, but this is an exciting development in the gaming sector, and we can’t wait for an official announcement from Netflix and Sony to see the end product.