Apple Users Face Debilitating iOS 9.3 Bug That Freezes Your iPhone When Clicking Web Links

Last week, Apple was forced to issue a revised build of iOS 9.3 after numerous iPad 2 users were unable to activate their devices once the OS update was installed. Now, Apple is faced with yet another bug in iOS 9.3, which manifests when users to click on web links.

Although some users have experienced the problem in iOS 9.2.1, it really began to affect a large number of users when iOS 9.3 was released to the public. iOS users are reporting that tapping on a web link (or even long-pressing) will cause built-in apps like Safari, Mail and Notes to either temporarily freeze or crash altogether. What’s really interesting is that some third-party apps, including Google Chrome, are also affected by the web linking problem. And even more troubling is the fact that iOS 9.3 went through six public betas and this is the first that many are hearing about any serious usability problems.


Some users have suggests turning off JavaScript in the Setting apps, but this “fix” isn’t working for all users. And turning off JavaScript also has the unwanted side effect of rendering some websites unusable. Needless to say, plenty of users have taken their concerns straight to Apple via the newly commissioned @AppleSupport Twitter account:

To see the bug in action, check out the video below wreaking havoc on an iPhone 6s:

Some have suggested that the crashing is due to irregularities in iOS 9’s Universal Links functionality, which causes the deep linking database to become corrupt. Once the corruption occurs, the affected iOS will repeatedly fail at opening web links. For what it worth, a fix is reportedly in the works, with one Apple Support representative writing:

Apple is aware that there is an issue with Safari becoming unresponsive. Apple is working extremely hard to release an update to resolve this issue I do have any further information about when this update will be available.

So if you’re an iOS 9.3 banging your head against the wall at the inability to use your device as intended, it’s time to put on a helmet or sit tight for Apple to relate a new build that fixes the issues.

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