Genius Tweets? Apple Hangs Out @AppleSupport Sign On Twitter

apple support
Apple is spreading its wings when it comes to using social media to engage its vast user base. That expansion kicks off today with the launch of @AppleSupport on Twitter, which not only will provide Apple Customers with tips and tricks for its products, but also field questions from those in need of technical assistance.

@AppleSupport made itself useful this morning by providing iOS users some helpful tricks to get the most out of the Notes app. Customers can simply mark their tweet with #AppleSupport to enlist the help of Apple Support.

Even though the Twitter account has only been active for about four hours, it has already fielded hundreds of questions from customers that have encountered problems with their Apple devices or software. Not surprisingly @AppleSupport has already racked up nearly 47,000 followers during its short existence on Twitter.

The launch of @AppleSupport comes months after the creation of @AppleMusicHelp, which debuted debuted in October 2015.

@AppleSupport is yet another avenue available to the Apple faithful when it comes to customer service. Apple of course offers phone support and online chat for customers that need some troubleshooting assistance. And for those that live close to an Apple Store, you can always schedule an appointment or simply walk-in to get help from a Genius.

Apple also has a few other Twitter accounts for specific services including iTunes, App Store and Beats 1. And we can’t forget that plenty of Apple executives have Twitter accounts that they often use to “spread the word” including Phil Schiller and Tim Cook. Cook recently created quite a stir on Twitter when he posted a blurry image taken on an iPhone while at the Super Bowl. After the image went viral (and after numerous jabs at Cook’s photo taking skills), Cook took the image down.