iPhone Extreme?

Is Apple working on a new iPhone?  We're not sure, but a recent html bug hints and a product called the iPhone Extreme.  We're not sure exactly what features an 'Extreme' iPhone might have, but it should be noted that Apple uses the word 'Extreme' to define their high end networking products, and this could just end up being an iPhone with some form of 802.11N support.

“Nestled within the HTML code for the feedback form is a hidden variable called "product" which contain the value "iPhone Extreme." Unfortunately, that's the extent of the rumor.

Obviously, speculation is that "iPhone Extreme" could represent some new product down the line, a new name for the current iPhone if a cheaper and less capable version is released, or simply nothing at all.”

Considering how many bugs are found in the Apple Store, and other related Apple sites, we have to wonder if such leaks aren't intentional.
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