iPhone bill is surprisingly Xbox HUGE (lol)

Perhaps based on the brouhaha over the iPhone battery replacement plan, which some have said, because it was not unveiled until after the iPhone went on sale, is "lawsuit-worthy", AT&T is making sure you know absolutely everything about your iPhone bill - such that the bills themselves run into so many pages that forests are being threatened.  Smiley.jpg
As you enjoy your weekend, ponder this bit of humor: while the iPhone may be the master of the digital experience (for now), dead trees come in for a flogging, as AT&T's iPhone bills are quite impressive in their own right. We're starting to get bills for the iPhone here at Ars, and while many of us have had smartphones for some time, we've never seen a bill like this. One of our bills is a whopping 52 pages long, and my own bill is 34 pages long. They're printed on both sides, too. What gives?
Apparently the bills are so detailed that they tell you things like "Data Transfer" with file type "Data." Uh, huh.  To save some trees, switch to electronic billing, as I have for most of my bills.
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