iPhone 8 Shown Off With Burly Rugged Case In Well-Sourced Leak

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Apple is going to have to pull out something major from its sleeve in order to surprise anyone with its forthcoming iPhone 8. Leak after online leak has revealed almost everything there is to know about the iPhone 8, except for what it might look like when surrounding by a protective case. Oh wait, that has now been leaked too, and from a highly reliable source (Evan Blass, otherwise known by his Twitter handle @evleaks), no less!

Make no mistake, Apple is a master at controlled leaks, as it drums up hype and excitement. It gets people talking about a handset long before its launch, including chatter from industry analysts. Apple is not alone in using this strategy, but perhaps no other company is as practice and good at it as Apple. To wit, here we are looking at a picture of an iPhone 8 case and trying to dissect everything we can from it.
First of all, that's a pretty sweet looking case, as far as rugged protective shells go. It adds some bulk to the iPhone 8, but nothing crazy. It also adds some protection on the four rounded corners of the iPhone 8, as smartphones have a funny way of maneuvering while in free fall towards a hard surface (like a cement sidewalk) so that it lands on a corner, thereby shattering the entire front display.

Speaking of the front panel, notice the lack of bezels. Granted, this is a render of the iPhone 8 by a case maker, but according to Blass the features you see in the picture (or don't see, as the case might be) are "widely known now." In other words, expect an edge-to-edge display on the iPhone 8.

With Apple having stripped away most of the bezel, the Touch ID button is gone too. Rumor has it the iPhone 8 will sport facial recognition to unlock the device, which Blass also hints at being a widely known feature. Alternately, Apple may have figured out how to integrate the Touch ID sensor into the display and get it to work reliably.

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 8 in September or October. This is a big release for Apple, as it represents the 10th anniversary of the game changing smartphone. Other features it is rumored to have include an OLED panel, wireless charging, and a front-facing dual lens camera.