iPhone 8 Renders Based On Leaked CAD Files Provide Best Look At Apple’s New Flagship

The iPhone 8 is not due until this autumn, however, that has not stopped the Internet from leaking photos and information about the device. OnLeaks and tech blog Gear India have released renders of the iPhone 8 based on leaked CAD files. The images offer the most detailed look at Apple’s upcoming flagship to date.
iphone8 render backfacing

The images assume that the iPhone 8 will be 144 x 71 x 7.7mm (roughly 6.57 x 3.03 x 0.3 inches). The iPhone 8 will therefore be slightly larger than iPhone 7, smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus, and thicker than both devices. The renders also depict an edge-to-edge OLED display without any front-facing visible buttons. The microphone hole and a dual-lens front-facing camera are some of the only visible features. Rumor has it that the front-facing camera will incorporate 3D-sensing technology that could potentially be used for facial or iris recognition. The iPhone 8 also includes a vertically-oriented dual-lens camera on the back.

These renders do not include the placement of the rumored Touch ID sensor. Some believe that the iPhone 8 will not include this sensor due to some technical difficulties with the OLED display. Apple may still choose to include the sensor, but place it on the back of the device.

The iPhone 8 may be in short supply once it is released. Apple placed an order with Samsung for 70 million OLED displays, however, it has been reported that there is currently a component shortage. It is also rumored that there may be shortages due to the 3D technology, and the iPhone 8 may not be readily available until December 2017.
iphone8 render front facing

Apple also appears concerned that they will not sell an adequate number of iPhone 8’s. The iPhone 7 has not performed as well as anticipated. Rumor has it that Apple will offer free AirPods in order to entice iPhone 8 customers. Regardless of all the rumors, the iPhone 8 is expected to be announced September 2017 and released shortly thereafter.