iPhone 5S May Be Delayed, Joins New iPad Mini In Apple Production Misses

What’s going on with Apple? Earlier this week, a rumor broke that Apple had to push back the release of its 2nd-generation iPad Mini to as late as next year--production allegedly won’t even begin until Q4 2013--and now, it seems that the company will have to push back the release of the iPhone 5S, too.

That’s far later than originally expected; at one point, some believed that the iPhone 5S and the much-rumored cheaper iPhone would debut this summer; other estimates had the iPhone 5S pegged as early this autumn. Regardless, the last smartphone that Apple produced, the iPhone 5, is getting a little long in the tooth compared to the competition.

iPhone 5; iPhone 5S could be delayed

According to Bloomberg, the delay may be because Apple changed the design of the phone to include a larger 4.3-inch Retina display. (The iPad Mini delay was reportedly also because of untimely design changes.) Although it’s good that Apple is ensuring that its product designs are of the highest caliber and isn’t afraid to push production back to accommodate that, these sorts of delays may indicate a certain amount of waffling at the top, which is not the image the company wants right now as it looks to regain its mojo after the passing of Steve Jobs.