iPhone 3GS Opens New Vistas for Gaming

Some game companies have already made the statement that the iPhone is the future of gaming.  With the addition of a PowerVR chip to the new iPhone 3GS, we are bound to see more, and better games come to Apple's hot device.  Here's an example of a game that will work decently with any version of the iPhone, and any version of the OS 2.0 or higher.

It's called Raving Manor.  Yes, it's an adventure game. No, it's not text-based (a la Zork), nor is it as complex as say Myst.  Rather, this game sort of combines a comic book or graphic novel feel with an adventure game, in which you have to puzzle your way out of situations, try things you might not ordinarily think of, etc. etc.  Typically, we get stuck in these types of games.  Naturally, we got stuck in this game.

The good thing is that there is a section on the site of the developer, iAdventureGame, that has hints!  Yes, hints for when you can't figure things out.  For us, that came when I wanted to launch the game.  Seriously however, if you can't figure out how to find the shovel, knitting needle, or newspaper, the hint page is the way to go.  Additionally, if a hint is not listed, you can always email hints@iadventuregame.com.

Here's how the game is described by the developer:

You are on a drive home from the airport, anxious to see family. You take a shortcut you know only too well, and suddenly the rented vehicle dies. With no other choice, you start walking. But a sudden pounding rainstorm forces you to take shelter, and you head for an abandoned mansion. Before you know it, you are trapped. This is not your day - you must now escape from RAVING MANOR!

Raving Manor is a cross between a classic adventure game and a graphic novel. You must go through the manor, finding objects and clues that might help you with your escape, pitting your wits against the unknown. Will you find your way out?

Only time will tell, but everything you do is presented to you in a stylish manner. The game is designed to be friendly in a pick up and play manner, automatically saving progress in case life interrupts the adventure. The game also incorporates built in notes, allowing you to keep track of your predicament as you explore the haunted halls of Raving Manor.

The game sells for $1.99 at the App Store, a pretty reasonable price.  To be clear, it's not as though the product has no bugs.  We've seen some complaints over misspellings, and people getting stuck due to a bug in the game.  There is, in fact, an update apparently awaiting Apple's approval to be posted in the App Store.  We all know how long that can take!  Currently the app sits at 1.0 in the App Store, so the update hasn't dropped yet.  Personally, we can get plenty stuck without a bug, but the game seems fun and we like the comic book theme.  Take a look at this game, if you will.