This iPhone 15 Feature Will Tempt Many Android Users To Jump Ship, Survey Says

Different color iPhone 14 Pro Max devices on a gray gradient background.
Hey Android users, if the only thing preventing you from switching over to an iPhone is the lack of USB-C connectivity, you're apparently not alone. Or so claims the results of an interesting survey, which suggests that the iPhone 15 series could be the one that tempts a large number of Android users to break up with Google's mobile operating system and form a relationship with iOS.

We find that somewhat hard to believe, and that's precisely why we're writing about a survey conducted by SellCell, a smartphone trade-in site. We're constantly receiving things like this from sites that are looking to get exposure (oftentimes it's some kind of casino or other gambling-related site). In this case, the findings are interesting enough that we're willing to oblige.

The site says it pinged over 1,000 iPhone users and over 1,000 Android users for the survey (which, by our count, amounts to over 2,000 users in total). They were specifically asked about USB-C connectivity, and what role that would play in considering an iPhone 15.

Not surprisingly, 63% of iPhone users said that Apple adding USB-C to the iPhone 15 would motivate them to upgrade. Of those who responded that way, 37% said they like the idea of using a single charging cable for their iPhone, Mac, and iPad devices.

Graph of Android users who would and would not be tempted to upgrade to the iPhone 15 if Apple adds USB-C charging.
Source: SellCell

What is surprising, however, is that 44.38% (454) of Android users said they would be tempted switch platforms and buy an iPhone 15 if Apple introduces USB-C charging. That works out to 4 out of 10 Android users, or nearly half, albeit on a somewhat small sample size.

This doesn't come without caveats. Of those Android users who said they'd be tempted to switch, 35% said compatibility with non-Apple charges would play a role. And the 56% of Android users who said they would not switch, indicated it's because of universal charging technology.

Looked at from the opposite angle, 55.62% (569) of Android users pinged in the survey said that adding USB-C would not compel them to buy the iPhone 15 as they are perfectly content with Android.

Curious survey results aside, we'll have to wait and see what the iPhone 15 series brings to the table. We'll find out soon enough—Apple will almost certainly unveil the iPhone 15 series during its scheduled Wunderlust event on September 12