Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Boasts 25% Larger Battery, 4GB RAM Confirmed

The iPhone 11 family of smartphones were announced last week, and despite being official, there has been some controversy over the specifications of some of the smartphones. Specifically, there had been a rumor that started with listings in a certification database that suggested the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max smartphones had 6GB of RAM inside.

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That rumor contradicted benchmarks of the new iPhone models that had turned up and listed only 4GB of RAM. Steve Troughton-Smith discovered this morning inside Xcode that all versions of the iPhone 11 feature 4GB of RAM, which puts the iPhone models down in RAM compared to many Android devices.

That means that the iPhone 11 models carry over with the same amount of RAM as the last generation, except for the iPhone XR which had 3GB of RAM. Troughton-Smith has also been able to confirm that there are no performance gains with the Apple Watch Series 5; it uses the same SoC as the one found inside its Series 4 predecessor.

Another bit of iPhone 11 news that has surfaced has to do with the battery inside the smartphone. All of the iPhone 11 models have a single-cell battery inside according to an Apple product information sheet. Last year, only the iPhone XS had a single-cell battery. 

The new iPhone 11 Pro Max has a battery with 3,969 mAh capacity making it about 25% larger than the battery in the iPhone XS Max from last year. The larger capacity does make the battery thicker than last year’s model. 

Apple debuted the iPhone 11 series of smartphones about a week ago. The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are priced from $699, $999, and $1,099 respectively.