Apple Admits iPad Pro And Apple Pencil May Be Disrupting Your Wireless Car Key Fob

Apple hasn't exactly had smooth sailing with its high-end and ultra-expensive iPad Pro. The tablet was criticized in what has been called "bendgate" because it is prone to bending under minimal pressure. A bizarre problem has now been confirmed by Apple, and if you own the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil, this issue might have never crossed your mind as being caused by the devices.

ipad pro

Apple has warned in an updated Apple Pencil support document that some users have seen interference when charging the second-gen Apple Pencil with an iPad Pro, which is preventing some vehicles' keyless entry fobs from unlocking the door. The issue arose for some when walking to their car and carrying the iPad Pro while the Apple Pencil charges or if the tablet was inside a backpack while charging the Pencil.

The interference issue only happens when the Apple Pencil is charging according to Apple. When the Apple Pencil is magnetically attached to the iPad Pro but has a full charge, the interference hasn't been seen. Again, rather than fix a bizarre issue, Apple says don't charge your Apple Pencil if you need to unlock your car or to move the tablet and charging Pencil farther from your key fob.

Perhaps Apple envisions users dropping their backpack at the curb, running over and unlocking the door, and then running back to the curb to get their backpack while hoping the whole time nothing gets stolen. Apple rarely issues recalls for any issue, and while it's annoying to those fighting this problem, at least Apple has admitted there is an issue.