iPad Pro A12X Bionic CPU Benchmarks Leak Showing Killer MacBook Pro Level Performance

Apple iPad Pro
One of the big upgrades to the newest iPad Pro is the custom A12X Bionic chip inside, complete with a neural engine. This burly processor is at the heart of Apple's claim that the iPad Pro is "more powerful than most computers." But is it really? We'll say this—it's fast, based on a leaked benchmark run of the A12X Bionic at Geekbench.

It needs to be fast in order for Apple to justify its marketing strategy for the iPad Pro. It's still a tablet, but from Apple's vantage point, it can keep up with (and surpass) a traditional PC, while offering the type of portability that's inherent in a tablet form factor.

"iPad Pro features the A12X Bionic chip with a Neural Engine. Which transforms how you experience photos, gaming, and augmented reality. A12X Bionic also makes iPad Pro faster than most PC laptops and powerful enough to handle the apps you use every day. And even pro apps like Adobe Photoshop CC," Apple states.

The A12X Bionic is an enhanced version of the A12 found in Apple's newest iPhone models. Part of what's interesting is that it pairs an octa-core processor with a 7-core GPU. Apple's Jon Ternus said the A12X Bionic offers graphics performance on par with an Xbox One S, which is quite the claim. We'll have to wait and see. In the meantime, check out these Geekbench scores...

A12X Bionic Geekbench

Those scores are roughly on par with a mid-2018 model MacBook Pro powered by an Intel 8th generation (Coffee Lake) Core i7-8750H processor. Here's a look at how the two systems compare...

MacBook Pro and iPad Pro Geekbench

The iPad Pro edges out the MacBook in single-core performance, which is impressive, while the multi-core performance is not that far behind. That is quite the showing for the iPad Pro and its A12X Bionic.

Does this mean you should rush out and buy an iPad Pro to replace your laptop? That's extrapolating things a bit too far. What it does indicate is that the iPad Pro has some serious horsepower to work with, at least based on this single benchmark. We'd recommend waiting for full evaluations before making a decision on the iPad Pro, but in the early going, the leaked results look promising.