iOS Whips Android In Sales And Traffic On Christmas Day

One of the biggest days of the year to get a close look at iOS versus Android is Christmas Day, and IBM put together some interesting numbers that show a surprising discrepancy between the two platforms and their respective sales and traffic.

As it pertains to online activity, iOS destroyed Android with 32.6% of overall traffic to 14.8%, and when you look at online sales, the gap is even greater. iOS outpaced Android by a factor of five, ringing up 23 percent of online sales versus Android’s 4.6%.

iPad Air
iPad Air

What’s more, the average iOS user spent $93.94 per order while Android users averaged barely more than half that with $48.10.

Other interesting stats from the day showed that smartphones accounted for 28.5% of total Internet traffic, while tablets grabbed 18.1%; however, when it came to buying online, it was tablets that were the preferred tool of choice. Tablets were used for 19.4% of online sales while smartphones clocked in at 9.3%.

It’s also worth noting that online sales were up 16.5% over the same time period last year (which might help explain UPS’ logistics woes), and mobile devices accounted for nearly half (48%) of all online traffic.