iOS 17 Beta Is Testing A Small iPhone UI Change With Big Implications To Muscle Memory

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Apple is testing a small iPhone UI change that could have major implications on a user's muscle memory. The change is currently being tested in iOS beta 17 and moves the button utilized to hang up a call, along with other major changes.

One of the most simultaneously hated and beloved aspects of owning an iPhone is that Apple has often resisted making any changes to its UI and design. A case in point is the company's resistance to moving to anything other than its Lightning port, which is only being changed over to USB-C due to the EU more or less forcing it to happen. Now, it seems, Apple is making one major change to its UI that may have many iPhone users struggling to end a call.

It appears Apple is getting ready to move the "End Call" button to the lower right-hand corner, instead of where it has been for many years, centered in the bottom third of the screen. The change has caused some who have been testing out iOS 17 in its beta form to take to social media saying it might take a good bit of time for long-time iPhone users to get their brain to recognize where the button has been moved to.
Ending a call once the change takes place (if it actually does) may cause a lot of users to accidentally tap the "Keypad" button instead. With all the complaints coming in about the change, it remains to be seen if Apple will actually carry through with moving the "End Call" button once iOS 17 officially launches in a little over a month from now.

A few other major changes are also currently being tested in the iOS 17 beta, including the new Standby Mode, the Live Voicemail transcription feature, a new Journal app, and an update to the Messages App that is said to include swipe to reply and a new Check-In feature that lets family and friends know you made it home safely.

The Phone App will also see new contact posters. This feature will allow users to customize what people see when you call them. Anyone who would like to test out the upcoming changes that will accompany iOS 17 can opt-in to the iOS 17 beta. This can be done by visiting the Apple Beta Program website at