Microsoft Ramps Efforts To Kill Legacy Internet Explorer Browser

IE hero
Microsoft is giving another kick to Internet Explorer after its announced support was ending for Microsoft accounts and other services on November 13th. The company has also announced the end of support for Office 365 services in Internet Explorer next year. Ahead of these actions, Microsoft has sent out an email to businesses and organizations warning them about these changes.

In the email about the planned changes to further kill Internet Explorer, Microsoft writes that users should switch to Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox to use My Apps, My Account, My Access, and My Groups after November 13th, 2020. This announcement comes after Microsoft announced a phaseout plan for Internet Explorer back in August. This notification was a necessary step in the plan as Internet Explorer is laid to rest.
IE compatibility
If there is still a need to use Internet Explorer, users can rely on the Internet Explorer Compatibility Mode within Microsoft Edge. This will save the trouble of flipping between an outdated browser and a new one. Furthermore, users will still be able to use Office 365, OneDrive, Outlook, and more until 2021 (though why would you want to?).

This is the official beginning of the end of an era for Microsoft and Internet Explorer. The browser has been around since the late 1990s, and it has certainly worked for many, but Microsoft Edge and other browsers have now far surpassed it. If you are still using Internet Explorer, perhaps now is the perfect time to just let it go.