Interesting Tid-Bits - Hardware Nudies

Good morning all!   Make sure you scan down the page here a bit to catch JeffB's latest Tech News from around the web but I also have a couple of recent happenings in the land of Graphics and Dual Core CPUs this AM.

  First, S3 Graphics checked in this morning to let us know that their cards are now available for sale at their new online storefront.  We have their new GammaChrome S18 PCI Express card in the lab for testing right now...

S3 Graphics-brand PCI Express add-in graphics cards now available online for North America market.

While S3 Graphics technology has been available outside of the United States in focused regions, demand has been growing for the latest PCI Express 3D graphics and especially video and HDTV solutions in the North American market, where HDTV penetration is the highest in the world. S3 Graphics add-in cards are targeted to meet this demand, with their pioneering Hi-Def(TM) native HDTV support up to 1080p across the full line of products, as well as full DirectX 9.0 support, solid 3D graphics performance and featuring Chromotion programmable video engine technology....

S3 GammaChrome S18 - PCI Express

   Lastly, here's just a quick nudie-pic to get you salivating a bit more for upcoming AMD Dual Core Desktop CPU, that should be coming to us we here in the June-ish time frame.  Below is a snapshot of an AMD Dual Core 875 Opteron.

This is a 2.2GHz Dual Core Opteron that is from their 875 Series.  There are essentially three variants of these AMD "Server" chips, 1XX Series for single processors systems, 2XX for dual processors systems and 8XX Series for four or more processor configs.  Imagine, 4 Dual Core Processors with 8-way multi-threaded processing.  Mmmmm... tasty!  

Again, we expect to be testing AMD's Desktop Dual Cores in the near future, so stick around.  In the mean time, you can check out our preview of Intel's Pentium 840 Dual Core right here, to keep you going.

   Finally, you simply MUST check out NewEggs new online store-front design.  Dang, that is some spiffy hardware shopping if I ever saw it!  I particularly like this Viewsonic 17" 8ms pixel response time LCD for $239.  Just what the doctor ordered for gettin' your frag on at the Nor'Easter event BigWop and I attended last weekend.  ;)