Intel's Pentium M 760 vs. AMD's Turion 64 ML-44

Our friends at the TechReport have just posted and article that pits Intel's Pentium M 760 up against AMD's Turion 64 ML-44.  These two mobile CPUs represent the best single-core technology available from AMD and Intel for the mobile space.  Core Duo is here and dual-core Turions are on the Horizon, but if you want to know which processor reigns supreme in the current landscape, Scott's bound to give you his opinion.

"ALTHOUGH INTEL HAS BEEN STRUGGLING on the desktop front of late, things on the mobile side have been going just fine, thank you. In fact, the Pentium M has been doing so well that Intel's desktop line will eventually be migrating to a processor based on a similar architecture. Heck, even Apple joined in on the fun. Near the top of the heap is the Pentium M 760, which features a 533MHz front-side bus, an operating frequency of 2.0GHz and a whopping 2MB of L2 cache. AMD's answer to the Pentium M is the Turion 64, an Athlon 64-based design which rides in a 754-pin socket. The Turion 64's attributes include an on-die memory controller, a 1GHz HyperTransport link, and of course the ability to run 64-bit code. The model we'll be looking at today is the ML-44, a new chip with a 2.4GHz operating frequency and 1MB of L2 cache."
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