Intel's P4 XE 3.46GHz and 925XE Chipset and Much More

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 Intel's P4 XE 3.46GHz processor and 925XE chipset:

 ABIT AV8 K8T800 Pro socket 939 Motherboard Review @ 3DX

"The ABIT AV8 performed very well, battling with the Soltek K8T800 Pro board for much of this review. The stock performance of the K8T800 Pro chipset seems to be consistent across the motherboards we used thus showing no clear winner. The AV8 has features galore and can be found online for only $111. Overclocking was the key here as this board has working AGP/PCI locks allowing us to briefly hit a 270 MHz FSB and I was actually able to game at 265 FSB x 9."

 Logisys Dracula Mid-Tower Case @ SystemCooling

"Lord Byron once said, "I have a personal dislike to Vampires, and the little acquaintance I have with them would by no means induce me to reveal their secrets". Although Byron was one who liked to keep secrets, we at SystemCooling don't. In today's review we're going to reveal all that you would ever want to know about the baddest Vampire of them all, Dracula. To be more specific, we'll be taking a look at the Logisys Dracula Mid-Tower Case, a prefect product for this Halloween Weekend."

 Silverstone Nitrogon P4 Heat Pipe Cooler @ ExtremeMHz

"Most of you out there know that Silverstone Technology produces computer cases. Today, however, I get to take a look at Silverstone's first CPU heatsink – The Nitrogon. Silverstone has pulled quite a monster out of their research labs with the SST-NT01 which features all copper construction and three large heatpipes. We will put this new P4 cooler through its paces and provide you, our faithful readers, with the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision. On with the review!"

 ATI Radeon X800 XT PCI-E @ Bytesector

"Today, I will take a look at this card's performance in two completely different systems. The first system will use the P4 3.4EE running on the 800MHz FSB and the second system will be Intel's latest P4 3.46EE running with their fastest 1066MHz FSB. Let's see how this card likes the additional FSB bandwidth and see if it makes much of a performance difference!"

 Chaintech GeForce AA6800 Apogee Review @ nVnews

"Johnathan Martini has completed a review of Chaintech's GeForce GeForce AA6800 Apogee. Although the AA6800 is based on NVIDIA's GeForce 6800 GPU, Chaintech increased its core frequency by 33MHz and memory frequency by 70MHz over the default."

 Mushkin High Perf PC3200 L2V2 Review @

"The modules have a black 6-layer pcb covered by satin black heat spreaders with chrome clips and make for a nice look. The heat spreaders are embossed with the words "Mushkin Enhanced Memory" on each side and have a sticker which tells us which model and the serial number of the unit. To find out what makes these modules tick I need to see what they're made of. The heat spreaders are affixed securely and I do not recommend removing them as it will void the warranty. To ease any curiosity, I'll handle that part for you."

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