Intel Teases Xe-HPG Discrete Gaming GPU With Upcoming Scavenger Hunt

Intel Xe-HPG
One thing is for sure, Intel is certainly having fun with its efforts into launching discrete GPUs for the modern era. It feels like we have been on this 'Odyssey' for a million years now (give or take), with periodic teasers to keep us interested. Continuing the tradition, Intel posted another teaser on Twitter, for its upcoming Xe-HPG GPU. There is more than meets the eye at first glance, however.

The 33-second clip on Twitter begins by zooming into an Xe-LP GPU for integrated and low power graphics solutions. Then a beam of energy shoots down from the ceiling, seemingly supercharging the GPU as it morphs into a more potent (hopefully) and thicker Xe-HPG part, as you see above. Xe-HPG is the enthusiast/gaming solution we are all waiting anxiously waiting to materialize.

Some rotating and lighting effects round out the clip, with the caption, "Xe-HPG microarchitecture teaser = [candy emoji] [eyeball emoji]." Or in other words, this is eye candy. That is not all there is to it, however—Twitter users were quick to don their detective caps and reveal a scavenger hunt hidden in the video. How so? Check out this freeze-frame from the 21-second mark...

Intel Xe-HPG Binary Code

See the binary code above? A decimal translation leads to an IP address (, or And on that page is a message saying, "Welcome to the Xe-HPG Scavenger Hunt," which launches on March 26, 2021 at 9:00 am Pacific (12:00 pm Eastern). "Please come back to enter your secret code," the site states.

That is not the only semi-hidden bits. There are two other sets of characters in the clip: 79.0731W and 43.0823N. Those are coordinates that lead to a spot just off of Goat Island and near Niagra Falls and the Nikola Tesla Monument.

Are these clues as to what Intel will end up naming its discrete gaming GPUs? Perhaps we will find out when Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger hosts a webcast next week.