Intel Invites Gamers To Join Its Discrete GPU Odyssey

intel arctic sound
In case you didn't already know, Intel is working on a discrete graphics card that will be used to tackle a number of market sectors, including the ever-important gaming community. In keeping with the company's recent efforts to be more engaging with graphics card enthusiasts, Intel is inviting gamers to "Join the Odyssey."

So, what exactly is this Odyssey that Intel speaks of? Intel says that it "is built around a passionate community, focused on improving graphics and visual computing for everyone, from gamers to content creators.


"We’re committed to listening to the community, and in return you will get closer to the inner workings of visual technology development than ever before."

In other words, it looks as though Intel wants a lot of community involvement with regards to the development of its discrete graphics. The company has already picked up some key engineering and marketing talent from competing companies, and it is still recruiting industry veterans o help advance its cause. But it's good to see that Intel wants to keep a pulse on what the gaming community has on its mind about the direction of future graphics.

Intel Graphics

Those with a skeptical eye could merely see this as a pure marketing play by Intel, but the company has at least made efforts to bolster its graphics drivers over the past year and has stepped up its driver releases to add Day 1 support for popular games.

Regardless of Intel's intentions, the ability to have your voice heard in the development of a new product is appealing to many, and the company is promising some freebies, special access to game betas, and exclusive promotions offers -- that is if you sign up for the company's newsletter.

Intel's upcoming discrete graphics cards will be a clean slate design and is expected to be available some time in 2020. You can sign up for Intel's "Odyssey" right here.

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