Intel X79-Based Motherboard and Liquid-Cooler Sneak Peek

Just before wandering into Paul Otellini’s opening keynote at the Intel Intel Developers Forum going on in San Francisco, we spotted some new hardware on display in one of the demo areas we thought you’d all like to see.

If you remember a few weeks back, rumors began to spread that both Intel and AMD would be offering self-contained liquid-cooling solutions with their upcoming high-end processors. Well, as these pictures show, Intel is most definitely on-track to offer a liquid-cooling solution. Oh, and yes, that’s an X79 motherboard right next to it...



The X79 Express chipset is the successor to the X58 and will be paired to Intel’s upcoming LGA2011 socket for next-gen processors. The motherboard seen here is the Intel DX79SI, obviously based on the chipset. As its name suggest, the RTS2011LC liquid-cooling solution is also designed for said socket.

We don’t have many more details yet, but will as the day progresses. Time to get into the keynote and start taking some notes.