Intel Unveils MICA ‘My Intelligent Communication Accessory’ Smart Bracelet

With a few companies introducing smartwatch products at IFA in Berlin, Intel's taking a slightly different approach. The chip-maker's wearable debut in Berlin is far different than those being issued by LG, Samsung, and Motorola, focusing on fashion instead of nuts-and-bolts. It's called MICA, which is short for "My Intelligent Communication Accessory," and Intel's calling it a "feminine accessory blending seamlessly into everyday life."

While it handles text messages, push alerts, and other notifications like most other smartwatches, it's also snazzed up on the design front. In a strange twist, Intel has infused semi-precious stones and water snakeskin (no, this isn't a joke), weaving in a curved sapphire glass touch panel, peals, lapis stones, and obsidian depending on model.

As you'd expect, MICA will be available at select Barneys and Opening Ceremony stores by holiday 2014, with further release details "to be released soon." Early reports suggest that MICA will retail for around $1000, or about 5x the typical smartwatch price. Details are murky in terms of operating system, etc., but make no mistake: Intel's entry into the wearables war is a piece like no other.