Intel To Re-Enter Discreet GPU Market in 2008

According to a story on Digitimes today, Intel has already reached out to a number of potential partners and laid out some preliminary plans to enter the discreet GPU market in 2008. Rumors of Intel re-entering the discreet GPU market have been circulating since this job post was made on their site a few months back, but it seems thing have taken another step forward with this latest news.

" Sources from multiple graphics card vendors have confirmed that Intel has approached them to lay down plans to enter the discrete graphics card market for desktop PCs. The new products from Intel would be positioned as direct competitors to AMD's ATI Radeon and Nvidia's GeForce series of cards.

At this stage all plans are still rather vague, according to the sources, with Intel scheduled to deliver a more complete roadmap and specifications in the fourth quarter of this year. However, according to most of the sources, Intel will aim for the mid-range market in the initial stages with pricing targeted around US$300. In the current market, graphics cards at the high-end are priced at around US$800."

Here's hoping Intel's plans come to fruition. If there's anything that'll keep NVIDIA and ATI/AMD sharp, it's a vigorous push from Intel.