Intel To Lower Quad-Core Prices As AMD's 'Barcelona' Approaches

It appears Intel will be cutting prices on its quad-core CPUs leading up to the release of AMD's native quad-core Barcelona family of processors. The price war between Intel and AMD, a constant conflict which culminated last year when Intel released its Core 2 and AMD cut prices on its Athlon 64 X2 products, will most likely continue. Expect to see price cuts for Intel's QX6700 and Q6600 in the months to come as well.

AMD is expected to ship its native quad-core desktop CPUs, now dubbed K10, in Q3 2007. Intel guidance already states the company will accelerate the ongoing price war through Q3 2007 -- a price war that has already taken its toll on AMD and Intel profits. The AMD-Intel price war peaked just after Intel launched its Core 2 Duo architecture; AMD aggressively cut prices on its Athlon 64 products the day after the Intel Core 2 Duo desktop launch. Intel will return the favor just in time for AMD's next-generation processors.