Intel To Bolster Ecosystem, Software, And Content Exclusively For Intel Powered Devices

For as dominant as chipmaker Intel has been in the PC market, it’s been unable to replicate that success in the mobile market, losing extensive ground to ARM-based devices. The company has an aggressive plan to change that, and it’s starting soon--in Shenzen, China.

Intel reportedly announced that it’s spending $100 million from its venture capital arm to help Chinese hardware makers develop devices running Intel’s mobile chips. The company also has efforts brewing in China to develop an ecosystem around its mobile offerings, which include a new SoC codenamed SoFIA that sports Atom and has 3G capabilities.

Intel mobile devices

Further, Intel wants to partner to develop actual content such as better backgrounds in games, improved multitasking on Android devices, and software that only runs on Intel’s mobile platform.

In any case, Intel believes it’s poised to make a dent in the mobile market and has a lofty goal of shipping some 40 million Intel-powered tablets this year.