Intel Teams W/ Top Universities... Curriculum For Future Multi-Core Processors

 Intel Teams With Top Universities for Software-Related Research, Curriculum for Future Multi-Core Processors

45 Universities Worldwide Will Offer Multi-Threading Courses to Equip Students to Take Advantage of Multi-Core Platforms

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug. 7, 2006 - Intel Corporation today announced a global effort to prepare university students for a new paradigm of software development as Intel transitions its processors from single-processor engines to ones that will have multiple cores and threads. This evolution will transform software design and require entirely new thinking and innovation in order to leverage this kind of processing power.

As part of its higher education program, Intel is providing 45 of the world's top universities with expertise, funding, development tools, educational materials, on-site training and sustained collaboration with Intel to incorporate multi-core and multi-threading concepts into their computer science curricula.

By the end of this year, Intel expects more than 75 percent of its mainstream server, desktop and laptop PC processors to ship as dual-core processors; with four-, eight- and many-cores on the horizon.... More here.