Intel SSDs To Leap Ahead Of The Rest?

Intel plans on breaking into the SSD market and is setting its sites on the top position by the end of the year.  That's pretty tough talk considering the incredible diversity of the existing hardware which ranges from cost effective solutions like those found in the Eee PC to drives so incredibly fast and expensive that more than one HH staffer is on a waiting list to donate our still beating hearts just so we can afford one.  Intel hasn't talked prices just yet, but they are talking performance:

"When Intel launches its...products, you'll see that not all SSDs are created equal," (Intel's NAND Marketing Director Troy) Winslow said. "The way the SSDs are architected, the way the controller and firmware operates makes a huge difference," he said, referring to the chip (controller) that manages the SSD and software (firmware) that the controller uses.

Considering Intel's extensive experience in both the mobile markets and the server space, we can imagine that they have a very good idea what kinds of features, prices, and access requirements those different segments require.  As a result, we wouldn't be surprised if Intel branded their drives for specific purposes much as they do their CPUs.