Intel Slashing 5% Of Its Workforce This Year

Intel may seem like an unmovable juggernaut, but the company is actually in the midst of major changes. The PC industry is shifting, and the old Wintel paradigm isn’t what it used to be. The company has a new CEO in Brian Krzanich, and the new boss is tasked with captaining the turning ship; unfortunately, he’s doing so in part by cutting a lot of jobs.

Intel announced that it’s cutting 5% of its workforce, which is more than 5,000 jobs. The casualties are coming as Intel realigns some of its business segments, moving more resources to focus on data center tech (which is a big cash cow for the company), more low-power processors, and tablets.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich
Intel CEO Brian Krzanich

Intel recently cancelled a huge $7 billion fab construction project in Chandler, Arizona, so its not like the chipmaker is simply burning off human resources to balance its bottom line, but it’s still a shame to see good people in the industry their jobs.

Intel fab worker

We sincerely hope all those folks quickly find great gigs elsewhere.