Intel Sets the Record Straight on Ivy Bridge Delay Rumors

There's a rumor going around that Intel's initial Ivy Bridge launch will end up stunted by small volume shipments in early April, with mass shipments being delayed until sometime after June. News of the delay was reported by DigiTimes last week after it claimed to have heard from sources in the notebook industry that Intel made the decision to slow things down due to a high number of Sandy Bridge processors still in need of a good home. In order to minimize the impact on first-tier notebook vendors stuck with a large volume of Sandy Bridge chips, as well as Intel's own stockpile, the Santa Clara chip maker supposedly decided to wait a little longer than planned before releasing Ivy Bridge in full force, or so the story goes. But is that really the case?

Not according to news and rumor site Fudzilla, which says it received some clarification on the matter directly from Intel.

"Intel has said that the report [by DigiTimes] was only partly true. Intel will only be delaying the release specifically of mobile dual-core Ivy Bridge processors until after June and everything is more or less on schedule," Fudzilla reports.

If that's true, it means desktop processors based on Ivy Bridge will roll out on schedule, as will mobile quad-core variants, which is better than originally reported. However, it still means that lower priced notebooks and, in particular, second-generation Ultrabook models based on dual-core Ivy Bridge parts will start to trickle out a little later than originally anticipated.