Intel Reveals X25E-Extreme Replacement: 710 SSD Series

New SSD? From Intel? Of course! With IDF ongoing this week, it marked the perfect chance for Intel to reveal something other than Ivy Bridge, Haswell and their intentions to work closely to optimize future Atom CPUs for use with Android. And so, it was. The Intel SSD 710 series was just unveiled, an enterprise-grade Multi-Level Cell (MLC) SATA SSD featuring high endurance, performance and reliability. It uses compute-quality 25nm MLC NAND flash memory in 100GB, 200GB and 300GB capacities, and it promises Single-Level Cell (SLC) SSD endurance with MLC value for optimal data center storage.

Intel's billing this as a replacement for the X25-E Extreme SSD; while that guy was based on more expensive but highly reliable Single-Level Cell (SLC) NAND flash memory, the Intel SSD 710 uses compute-quality Intel 25-nanomenter MLC NAND flash memory with Intel High Endurance Technology (HET) to deliver the endurance and performance necessary for data center, financial services, embedded, Internet portal, search engine and other demanding storage and server applications, but at a greater value.

Rob Crooke, Intel vice president and general manager of the Intel Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group, had this to say about the launch: "The Intel SSD 710 Series gives enterprise data center and embedded users extreme endurance and performance, enabled by Intel's High Endurance Technology based on Intel 25nm MLC NAND technology. Intel SSDs are widely deployed in the data center due to their performance, reliability and value. Our latest SSD product family offers more than 30 times the write endurance of our current MLC SSDs, plus improved performance and new features, such as power-loss data protection and surplus arrays of NAND for enhanced reliability."

The Intel SSD 710 delivers nearly the same endurance as SLC-based NAND SSDs, yet utilizes the higher capacity and more cost-effective MLC NAND. It achieves write endurance out-of-the-box of up to 1.1 Petabytes (PB) and comes in 100-Gigabyte (GB), 200GB and 300GB capacities. Targeted for I/O-starved applications, the Intel SSD 710 achieves a 4K random write performance of up to 2,700 input/output operations per second (IOPS) and 4K random read performance of up to 38,500 IOPS across the full span of the drive, making this a suitable replacement to an SLC SSD or multiple enterprise-grade hard disk drives (HDD). In addition to performance, the Intel SSD 710 can replace many power-consuming HDDs with a single SSD to help reduce data center energy costs.

Providing a better dollar-per-GB value than its previous-generation Intel X25-E SSD, the Intel SSD 710 Series is priced at $649 for the 100GB version, $1,289 for the 200GB, and $1,929 for 300GB, all based on 1,000-unit quantities. Not cheap, but these aren't marketed at the Average Joe. There's a 3-year warranty, too. Have a look at the video here for a deeper understanding of the new device.