Intel Pentium-D 900 Series

The Pentium-D 900 series is the next evolution in Intel's Dual-Core plans.  The Pentium-D 900 offers a total of 2MB of L2 cache per core while also adding support for Virtualization.  Thanks to an improve 65nm manufacturing process, the Pentium-D 900 series also offers lower power consumption as well.  Building on "Smithfields' successes, the new Pentium-D "Pressler" 900 series aims to add new pressure to AMD with performance and competitive pricing.

"The hip, newly-styled, fresh-and-in-your-face Intel is looking to freshen up the Pentium-D family with one last hoorah before their new architecture hits in late 2006. Armed with new 65nm process technology, Intel has significantly altered the Pentium-D family which we've grown to know and moderately like (let's face it, no one loved the Pentium-D 800's), in order to make the product more attractive the Netburst architecture's final run down the stretch. Hoping to address all of the major areas in which the Pentium-D 800 series chips were lacking, the new Pentium-D 900-series improves in terms of performance (faster clock speeds, double the amount of L2 cache) and power consumption / heat production, while at the same time lowering prices even more, putting additional pressure on AMD to follow suit."


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