Intel Moves Up Conroe Launch Date

The Inquirer is reporting that Intel has changed the launch date for Conroe once again. This time moving it up to the 14th of July, just over a week from now. This comes as good news to those of us eagerly awaiting Intel's latest offering.

Conroe, the code name for the desktop variant of the upcoming Intel Core 2 Duo, is Intel's 8th generation x86 processor architecture. It will replace the aging NetBurst architecture, which has powered Intel's processors since the turn of the century. The Core 2 Duo will also mark the retirement of the Pentium brand name, which has represented Intel's processors since 1993.

The Inquirer goes on to speculate about Intel's motivation for the move.

"While we were puzzled at first with the whole week-forward-backward-forward movement, it seems that the date has been pushed forward in order to co-relate with a European IMAX release of a 3D version of the film Superman Returns. Our moles are telling us that IMAX theatres will start the Superman Returns movie in IMAX version with a teaser-trailer for Spider-Man 3 and an advert for Intel Core 2 Duo - the desktop version."

Check out our Conroe performance update from early last month for more details on what to expect from Intel's Core 2 Duo.