Intel G965 Chipset Delayed Again

DigiTimes reports that Intel's G965 is plagued once more with a delay thanks to a major issue regarding the chipset's drivers. The chipset which was originally expected to launch as early as the end of July was initially delayed due to a defect within the integrated graphics subsystem. Since then, Intel has encountered issues regarding the claimed support for Shader Model 3.0 which is now causing another delay for the chipset. The company is vowing to update drivers every six months with new features and improved performance. However, with Shader Model 3.0 supposedly supported out of the box motherboard vendors are not pleased having to sit by the wayside while Intel gets familiar with advanced graphics. With this much trouble with an integrated graphics chipset, one wonders how Intel would ever be able to execute on delivering a high end discrete graphics solution.

According to the sources, motherboard makers planned that G965-based models may begin hitting the market last month, being informed by Intel that the G965 chipset will be ready for volume shipments from the middle of August with two versions of driver sets, 14.24 and 14.25. However, since neither version came out with Shader Model 3.0 support, the makers were forced to revise their plans, the sources explained.
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