Intel Desktop CPU Price Cuts Official

All of the recent news surrounding Intel may be about the company's new Core 2 Duo processors, but don't forget about the Pentium D -- it's still alive and kicking.  In fact, when you take a look at the latest round of price cuts, the Pentium D becomes a much more attractive processor.  The most expensive Pentium D (the 3.6GHz 960) is now "only" $316, the cheapest is just over $100.

"Intel has officially announced its desktop processor price reductions that had been expected since the middle of the second quarter. Although most processor models saw their prices being slashed, several processors did not have their price changed, including the LGA-775 Intel Pentium Extreme Edition (965 and 955), Pentium D (840 and 830), Pentium 4 (670, 660, 650, 641, 571, 561, 551, 521) and the MPGA-478 Celeron D (335, 330)."