Intel Conroe Details From The Floor Of IDF

Intel's keynote address for this morning was filled to the brim with juicy tid-bits of information on the company's upcoming dual-core processor platform for the Desktop, that will launch later this year under the Intel "Core" branding.  Our Managing Editor Marco Chiappetta was privy to details offered by Intel CTO, Justin Rattner regarding Intel's "Conroe" Processor core that will be built on a 65nm process and is an extension from Intel's Core Duo architecture for Mobile computing platforms.  Here's what we learned:

Intel Conroe Details -

  • 4 issue, 14 stage pipeline core

  • Shared on-chip L2 cache between two cores

  • Advancements in power management and clock gating

  • Single cycle 128-bit SSE execution

  • Micro and Macro-Op Fusion for better power efficiency

  • "Smart Cache" Memory Pre-Fetch Enhancements

  • Thermal Design Power (TDP):  65 watts

  • 40% more performance with 40% less power consumption

Finally we were also witness to a live demo of Conroe running a custom MS Office 12 Excel test on Windows Vista versus a Pentium D system.  The Conroe-based system was able to complete the test in 11.8 seconds whereas the Pentium D took nearly three times longer at 28.4 seconds.


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